Ladyz in Noyz is both: a series celebrating women experimental/fringe/noise/sound artists/musicians. increasing gender diversity & visibility w/in music and international inclusive collective network that furthers those with similar missions and individuals alike.

As the curator of the Ladyz in Noyz international compilation series, an ongoing project from 2008 to the present, I promote emerging women and non-binary artists. Alongside sister organization Ladyz in Noyz Australia, Ladyz in Noyz also functions as a feminist DIY virtual collective that celebrates musicians and sound artists and their supporters/collaborators.

You may find us throughout social media with the hashtag #ladyzinnoyz .

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The musical pattern/technique of 'call and response' is useful to the understanding of the mutual practices of feminist collectives. The roots of 'call and response' in musical discourse lie within a framework where a leader presents a space for democratic direct interaction by introducing a line of music/sound/words. An immediate aural reaction is returned in kind, signifying the singular expressions of reciprocation/accordance/enquiry invoked from members within the performance space. In this film, a call was made out to the international 'Ladyz in Noyz' collective, a virtual collaborative network of women practitioners in experimental musics and sound arts. The network functions as a frame or 'the leader' in which all that participate are acknowledged and counted as unique and integral voices to the whole community. The initial call/performance was sent out to members and responses were culled in this audiovisual collage. In addition to being a document to the ideals of the 'Ladyz in Noyz' network, this film exemplifies the ways music and feminist networking can be demonstrated, heard, and seen.